Monday, August 30, 2010


It has been a very long time since I last posted anything on my blog!! Sometimes, it's plain laziness, other times, it's procrastination, but most of the time, it's lack of inspiration!!
Ah, but today, I will share with you a simple tutorial on how to make a bib necklace. Well, I thought only babies need bibs, but now, we mothers, or rather, ladies, are going around in style, with the latest craze - BIB NECKLACE!!

1. You will need a template of the bib (about 6 inches in width, 3 inches in length), black felt, large beads of various shapes, handicraft bond, needle, thread, ribbon, scissors.

2. Place beads on the template as according to your personal design preference. 
I have randomly placed the beads and this is the final design I preferred. 

3. Cut 2 pieces of felt to the size of the template. 

4. Place beads onto a piece of felt, following the design you have chosen. I had to take a picture of the design for easier reference. 

5. Place a dot of handicraft glue onto each bead, then carefully place them in position. 

6. After 30 minutes of allowing the glue to dry, use a very fine needle to stitch each bead onto the felt to secure the beads.

7. This is how it looks on the raw side.

8. Stitch a length of ribbon ((24 inches) following the curve on the top of the bib necklace. Do this on the raw side of the felt.

9. Trim the outline of the necklace to the shape of the beads. 

10. Spread some glue onto the raw side of the bib necklace. 

11. Place the bib necklace onto the 2nd piece of black felt. Let the glue set for 30 minutes.

12. Finally, trim the back piece of felt to the shape of the bib necklace and here we have a beautiful bib necklace to match your outfit!! I can't wait to wear it to my next dinner party!!

My very own bib necklace! I love it!!


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thanks Jane! I am pleased to share the design on the

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