Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have always been fascinated by zipper flowers or rosettes. Last week, while I was shopping at Daiso, there were some 30 inch zippers. It's not always easy to find cheap , long zippers so I was happy to buy one. Here is a tutorial on how to make a zipper flower and it is really easy:

You will need:
a zipper ( I have used a 30 inch zipper)
a piece of felt 
one safety pin  


1.  Sew a safety pin onto the felt. This piece of felt acts as a backing.
zipper flower backing 

2.  Split the zipper and trim off the ends of the zipper. Sew running stitches along the edges of the zipper and pull the thread to make gathers.
zipper flower  


3.  Start twisting the zipper from one end in a circular direction from the top, working through the entire zipper, forming a flower. Secure with several stitches while twisting the zipper.
zipper flower 

4.  Sew the flower onto the felt backing. Trim off excess felt to fit the shape of the flower.
zipper flower felt backing

5.  Here we have a lovely zipper flower! You can use it as a brooch or as a decoration on a bag! I love it!!
zipper flower brooch

zipper flower on a bag

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