Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Having stayed in Singapore for the past two years, it's good to be back in Perth again. This is home. I realised that I have been accumulating too much stuff and it is really time to de-clutter the house!! I have to sort through heaps of things in the boxes and decided to take action - things to GIVE, things to THROW, things to KEEP.
Here is a photo of some koalas keepsake I found. They will be given away. Good bye, dear "friends". I am sure they will be able find someone who will love them in the future. 
family of koalas 
the bride and groom


Ninie said...

OMG! i love koalas...i've two koala plushies like this...and wish to collect more! oh, i wish they were!
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bullion stitches and more said...

Just visited your blog - very interesting blog!! I shall visit frequently!!

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