Friday, January 20, 2012


Today, I have made some “bak kwa” – barbequed pork jerky. 
Almost every home in Singapore would serve “bak kwa” to their guests and and I would say most people love “bak kwa”. 
I am very happy with the finished product and wait............they are disappearing fast!!
I have to hide them in a safe place, otherwise there will be none left for my guests!!

preparing the gold coin bak kwa
dry the bak kwa slices and gold coins in the oven
after drying the top, flip over to continue drying the bak kwa
oven-dried bak kwa slices
using a sandwich press to grill the bak kwa gold coins
using a sandwich press to grill the bak kwa slices
bak kwa gold coins ready to be eaten
glistening goodness - homemade bak kwa
homemade bak kwa - ready for Chinese New Year

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