Thursday, March 15, 2012


What would you do if you were home on a very hot summer’s day (37̊̊C) and there was a 3- hour power outage?
Well, you could visit a friend and enjoy her air-conditioned home,
 you could go  window shopping in an air-conditioned shopping mall, or be like me, get roasted in the house with no TV, nor Internet baking of cookies either, because the oven needs power as well!!!

I was saved by my project.....a crocheted laptop sleeve.....that saved my day because I was so engrossed in the crocheting and did not even realise the hours passing on without any electricity in
the house!!

Yes! This is what I have crocheted (of course it took more than 3 hours to complete the work).
I am so happy with the laptop sleeve – using shell stitches for the front and double crochet stitches for the back.

crocheted shell stitches
crocheted laptop sleeve with shell stitches 
crocheted laptop sleeve
front view of crocheted laptop sleeve

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